IT Consulting
cost effective leveraging

Outsourcing your company's network management can save your business time and money. With outsourcing, your company can leverage the full potential of its technical assets without the need to employ in-house technicians. This makes sense for many companies that require ongoing reliable network management but that cannot justify the salary of a full-time network administrator. Computus Australis offers the following two outsourcing plans to fit your company's size and needs.

Prepaid Hourly Packages

This is a great option for our regular small business clients. With prepaid business services, you can purchase a block of hours that can be used whenever a on-site business or remote service is required. Prepaid business services receive priority service and are offered at a significant discount on our already low hourly rates. There is no expiry date on prepaid hourly blocks, use them as you need them..... view our pricing

IT Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements are ideal for medium to large businesses. We will analyse your network requirements and customise the agreement to satisfy all your network issues. With our maintenance agreements we will provide you with: remote administration, server management, phone call support and on-site troubleshooting and repair.

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