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Networking & Telecommunications

Unlock Your Network's Full Potential with Computus Australis

Elevate Your Connectivity

At Computus Australis, we understand that a reliable network is the backbone of any modern home or business. That's why we offer tailored networking and telecommunication solutions that promise peak performance and iron-clad security.

Imagine: An office where data flows freely and securely, with teams collaborating without a hitch, powered by our robust business network solutions.

Business Networking Solutions

Get ahead of the game with business networks that are as ambitious as you are.

Create secure, scalable infrastructure that supports seamless collaboration and efficient data management, along with complete remote monitoring solutions that help detect issues before they cause the business downtime.

We will work with you to grow your business, from thoughtful planning & designing, all the way to multisite installation and inter-networking, allowing you to work whereever you might be located.

Home Networking Solutions

Connect all your gadgets and gizmos with ease.

Our home network solutions are designed to handle everything from your binge-watching marathons to your smart home devices, ensuring a seamless, buffer-free experience.

We can design, source and install consumer and prosumer equipment for all your home needs. From simple wireless routers to complete prosumer router, wireless access points, and wireless bridging devices to give you complete converage across your entire house and outside land.

Picture this: A sleek, modern living room where all devices are wirelessly connected, showcasing the convenience and elegance of our smart home network solutions.
Visualize: A world of information at your fingertips, accessed at lightning-fast speeds, courtesy of our exceptional internet services.

Internet Services

Surf, stream, and explore the web like never before.

With our high-speed internet services, you're guaranteed a smooth, uninterrupted online experience, tailored to your personal or professional needs.

We work with our fantastic partners to provide simple NBN internet connections, wireless 4G/5G services, dedicated Fibre networks and more, giving you the flexibility and reliability for your needs.

VoIP Services

Say goodbye to exorbitant phone bills and hello to crystal-clear communication with our VoIP solutions. Enjoy reliable connectivity that doesn't just cut costs but also keeps you connected, no matter where you are.

We work with the best in the industry to provide onsite and cloud based VoIP services, such as 3CX, Aussie Broadband, and AAPT/TPG Telecom.

Envision: A conversation so clear, it's as if you're in the same room – that's the promise of our VoIP services.
Visualize: A digital fortress, impenetrable by cyber threats, symbolizing the security provided by our advanced network protection services.

Network Security

Defend your digital domain with our comprehensive network security services.

From cutting-edge next-generation firewalls to secure remote access solutions, we've got the arsenal to keep your data safe and sound.

Get protection from all threats, including external threat actors, trying to gain entry to your internal business data, or possibly from internal employees simplely having a compromised device. Prevent threats at the firewall, all the way down to individual ethernet ports.

The Dynamic Duo

Securing Today, Simplifying Tomorrow: Your Network, Elevated by Ubiquiti and Fortinet.

By partnering with industry leaders like Ubiquiti and Fortinet, we ensure that our clients enjoy the latest in networking technology. Whether it's Fortinet's unparalleled security appliances or Unifi's intuitive networking products, we provide solutions that not only meet today's demands but also anticipate tomorrow's challenges.

Picture: A network that's robust, resilient, and ready for anything—that's what you get with Fortinet and Unifi, and that's what we bring to you.

Stay Connected with Computus Australis

Choose Computus Australis for networking and telecommunication services that are as reliable as they are revolutionary.
Contact us today to find out how we can transform your connectivity experience.