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Your Comprehensive Communication Solution

Stay connected with ease using 3CX, the all-in-one communication system that keeps you in touch with your team and clients, wherever you may be. With 3CX, your business gains the edge with a suite of powerful communication tools that are simple to use and manage.

Why 3CX Stands Out for Your Business:

  • Telephony: Accessible desktop web client and mobile apps perfect for remote work.
  • Video Conferencing: Facilitate face-to-face interactions effortlessly with the built-in video conferencing feature.
  • Live Chat: Engage with customers directly on your site or via WhatsApp.
  • SMS: Instant customer communication at your fingertips.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly intergrate CRMs and Microsoft 365.
  • Cost Savings: Cut down on phone bills and unnecessary hardware.
  • Flexibility: Retain your numbers, select your devices and service provider.
  • Security: State-of-the-art security features for peace of mind.
  • Versatility: Install on-premises or in the cloud, on a range of platforms.
  • Support: Direct from the vendor and our dedicated team.
  • Trusted Globally: Join over 600,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

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Small Business

10 Users
$192.50 AUD / year*
(Per system)

20 Users
$302.50 AUD / year*
(Per system)

  • Hosted by 3CX

  • Modern next-gen phone system

  • Remote enabled work

  • Time based, DID, and CID based routing

  • Call Queues, Multi-level IVR, and Ring Groups

  • Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • Call & Chat Reporting

  • Video Conferencing

  • Unlimited Deskphones



$275 AUD / year*
(Per system)

3CX Hosted
$440 AUD / year*
(Per system)

  • Everything in 3CX SMB plus

  • Install on premise or self-host

  • Call Recording

  • Hot Desking

  • Microsoft 365 Integration

  • CRM Integration



$335.50 AUD / year*
(Per system)

3CX Hosted
$500.50 AUD / year*
(Per system)

  • Everything in 3CX PRO plus

  • MS Teams Integration

  • Skill-based routing

  • Start / Stop Call Recording

  • High Availability

*The listed price is a starting cost and is subject to change. Final pricing may vary based on specific system requirements and configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work for 3CX?

3CX licensing is based on the number of simultaneous calls rather than the number of users or extensions. This means you only pay for the capacity you need, which can be more cost-effective for your business.

What is Simultaneous Calling in 3CX?

A simultaneous call in 3CX is any phone call that is actively connected through your 3CX system. This includes:

  • Inbound calls from the outside world to an extension within your organization.
  • Outbound calls from an extension to the outside world.
  • Internal calls between extensions within your organization.
  • Conference calls, where each participant counts as one active call.
  • Call queues and transfers, which may involve multiple simultaneous connections as calls are routed or handed off.

It's important to note that a call remains 'simultaneous' for the entire duration it is active, from the moment it's initiated until it is fully disconnected.

How does 3CX differ from traditional phone systems?

Unlike traditional PBX systems that require physical hardware, 3CX operates as a software solution that can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud. This offers greater flexibility, easier scalability, and often reduced costs compared to conventional systems.

Can I use my existing phones with 3CX?

Yes, 3CX supports a wide range of IP phones and devices. However, you'll need to ensure that your devices are compatible and possibly update their firmware to integrate seamlessly with the 3CX system.

Can I use 3CX remotely?

Absolutely, one of the strengths of 3CX is its remote capabilities. Users can make and receive calls from anywhere using the 3CX app on their smartphone, tablet, or computer, allowing for a flexible and mobile workforce.

Is 3CX difficult to set up?

3CX is designed to be user-friendly and can be set up with minimal technical expertise. The platform offers a straightforward installation process, with a setup wizard to guide you through the initial configuration.

Computus Australis offers support and setup/configuration packages to get you up and running in no time!

What do I need?

In order for 3CX to make/receive calls, you will need a suitable SIP Trunk service that will connect 3CX to the PSTN in your country. You can use multiple SIP Trunk services if you wish to connect make/receive calls in multiple countries for example.

Computus Australis supplies compatible SIP Trunks that work great with 3CX, visit our SIP Trunking page here, alternatively contact us below and we can get everything sorted for you.

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