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Voice Services

Say goodbye to exorbitant phone bills and hello to crystal-clear communication with our VoIP solutions.


The Ultimate Unified Communications Platform

Discover 3CX, the all-in-one communication system that keeps you connected with your team and customers, wherever you are. Offering telephony, video, live chat, SMS, and powerful integrations, 3CX is your cost-effective solution for modern communication needs. Install it anywhere, enjoy robust security, and get full support from Computus Australis.

Computus Australis SIP Trunk

Connect with Clarity: Your Bridge to Better Business Communication

Unlock the potential of seamless communication with Computus Australis' SIP Trunking services. Tailored for businesses seeking a robust and scalable telephony solution, our SIP Trunking offers a cost-effective way to manage your calls via the internet.

Experience the ease of integrating with existing PBX systems, the convenience of direct inward dialing, and the assurance of enhanced security protocols. Our service is designed to grow with your business, ensuring that your communication needs are always met with reliability and clarity.

Hosted PBX

Effortless Communication - Simplify Your Business Calls

Discover the simplicity of Hosted PBX, where advanced telephony meets user-friendly management. Hosted PBX, in partnership with TPG Telecom and AussieBroadband, offers a streamlined communication platform that scales with your business. Say goodbye to complex setups and embrace a world where your phone system is as mobile and flexible as your team.

With Hosted PBX, you gain access to powerful features that enhance your business operations without the fuss. From voicemail to email to easy call routing, our solution is designed for efficiency. Let us help you connect better, work smarter, and elevate your customer interactions effortlessly.